attempting to circle summon the husbando i really wish i could say i was drunk when i did this

attempting to circle summon the husbando i really wish i could say i was drunk when i did this


Some photos I took at Ahn con. 

It was a blast, by the way. We got invited as guests, so not only did me and Hazel get to do a ton of panels about what we did during the weekend, but we also got to participate in a hilarious game show and a drawing jam and met a ton of fans. We met EK Weaver too!!!  Alex Woolfson was also a guest, who we’ve met at Yaoi Con’s in the past. 

Matt and Jarad and Holly and every other volunteer and employee at the con was so nice and did an amazing job. The con was small, but much more organized than many conventions I’ve been to in the past. If you live in the Kansas city area, I highly recommend checking it out next year! It was a ton of fun.





This is sort of a last minute post, but Bell and I have been frantic with school projects and getting stuff ready for:

~*~YAOI-CON 2012~*~ 


Yes we will be there, yes we will be selling in the artist alley! 

We will be selling some NEW prints, buttons, keychains. All your favourite cute Always Raining Here things (and a few fanart things, too). *

We will also be selling this print and giving the money to charity (something we did last year and want to do again). All money made from the purchases of Rainbow will go toward The Trevor Project. We managed to donate 100 dollars last year! 

If you’re in the area please drop by and say hi! This is our first time in LA so we’re a bit nervous but we’d love to talk to all of you ;-;


Love, Hazel and Bell

*we will not have the new books, they didn’t make it in time :( 

i have two midterms and a paper tomorrow 

all i wanna do is pack and get excited  BUT I CAN’T YET MUST WAIT. 

Wow, I’ve had a busy weekend. Lots of school to be done before midterms hit, and then we gotta go to Yaoi Con!

I know the Indiegogo fundraiser wrapped up a couple weeks ago with a grand 8,773 USD (!!!!!) but there wasn’t much time to celebrate for each of us since we were working hard getting the hardcopy ready to send to the printers. We’ve been working on it for the past month and a half, proofing and fixing the pages and adding in all the text and speech bubbles again (so they actually don’t break every typesetting rule in the universe). It was so much work, but now we just finished up on friday and are waiting for conformation. 

I just wanted to thank everyone who donated to the fundraiser, even if it was just a dollar! We shot far beyond what we thought we would get, and we’re going to do a larger run of books because of that! So thanks a lot guys, we hope that you manage to stick around until we come back from hiatus too!

I’m writing the thank you-letter now.

The one that’s going at the back of the printed book.


And here is Hazel making an insightful interpretation of my attitude towards my love life.

And here is Hazel making an insightful interpretation of my attitude towards my love life.

My weekend which involves lightning and axe wounds

So on Friday Me and Hazel and a bunch of friends went up to her cabin for the weekend. Its not really anything new or special or out of the ordinary. Go to the beach, party a lot, sleep late and eat lots of bad food.

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So my exams are done. 

So my exams are done. 

i think i killed hazel


so i saw this. 
it was tits. 

so i saw this. 

it was tits. 

My roomie accidentally smashed a bottle of red on the floor in our room. 

I am now typing my paper in a winey haze that has somehow permeated down the whole corridor. Dormmates poking their heads around, wondering where the party is at. It’s exam week and they are scenting the familiar smell of alcoholic beverage, the  memory of good times long lost behind the fog of study and papers. The reminder that yes, at the end of this week I will get so plastered. I will get so plastered I will forget my own name.

And meanwhile I’m trying to write a paper in a room where the floor looks like the scene of a murder and smells like a winery. PAPER WEEK.


So this came in today, completely unexpected since I ordered it only about a week ago and it came from overseas. Very prompt shipping on the Bioware store part!

I was so excited I didn’t even take off my shoes!

aaah my hero <3

Only thing is with the shirt, since its a girly tee and the fabric has a lot of stretch in it, so she kind of looks like a bobblehead!

I would probably recommend buying a size up if you’re thinking about getting the girly tee :> Other than that the fabric is very soft, quite standard for chinese-made graphic tees. Haven’t tried washing it yet, so if something goes terribly wrong there I’ll add a follow-up.

>All the hotplates are dead

>make grilled cheese in the waffle iron

>all the cups have mysteriously disappeared

>drink iced tea out of a small wine glass

*~**~DORM LYFE~*~*~